TRAVEL LOG informal

2.09 Woke up in the crappy motel 6 room in Casa Grande with the awesome shower head (water pressure is insane so it felt like massage). Drove into Tucson: hello Tucson Crystal and Gem show! The very first crystal buying: we parked at 22nd st street tent show. As we made our way inside, I immediately recognized some of the same booths from last year. Huge fossils perched up everywhere, massive crytals. A huge fossil of a turtle. We found the Chinese vendors we bought from last year. The chinese guy is so cute! He recognized Mike and joked around saying “i been waiting all day for you!” (with thick accent). We got a box of fluorite, yellow calcite squares, rose quarts balls, tektite, smokey quartz, polished quartz, etc. Yay! Then we went to Two Hawks guys and got some crystal balls and a piece of blue chalcedony. We also ended up buying a bunch of labradorite hunks and stones, blue calcite, green calcite, brown calcite, ice calcite, orange calcite, pyrite spheres, fish tail selenite, a huge selenite chunk for ourselves, tumbled rose quartz, tigers eye, unakite. Decided to drive back to Casa Grande where the motels are cheaper.

Went to African Village. I was enamored by the beautiful African art and crafts. It being called African Village, naturally the vendors were from Africa. They are so beautiful!! Lots of African dudes checking me out….oooo!!!

2/10 went to the biosphere 2. it was pretty cool. i liked the jungle. i felt a little sick/dizzy/fast heart rate. We finally made it to tucson around 5. Stopped at a moroccon tent show and picked up some large sharks teeth, ammonite fossil pendants.

2/11 Woke up at Best Western Plus. Had some free breakfast then made our way to a show. Stopped at the first one we saw- I remembered going to it last year. Weird how all of the same vendors are in the same exact rooms/spots, and weird that I actually remembered that. Felt like Deja Vu. We got some meteorites, and a couple of flats of really pretty indian crystal specimens.

Then, we went back to our favorite, 22nd st show. It was super rainy and SUPER cold. I was kind of freezing my ass off. Ands hands. My fingers and toes were numb. We parked near the Mexican guys’ tent. We like these guys, we spent probably half our total money spent at their booth. Always willing to make deals. We bargained down and scored a 47 lb box of beautiful crystals, some loose kyanite, moldavite calcite, and black tourmaline for a very decent price.

We we already pretty stoked on our day, and then we went to a booth we bought at last year and got a bunch of singing bowls! I’m a huge fan. The owner even threw in a free pair of mittens for me! And served us coffee (with the option of added rum).

Next, we stopped at JOGS tent. I found some cool kyanite beads. Then we found a good deal on various stone/crystal beads so we got a big pile of strands. Pleased with that, because I wanted to add some beads to my collection to make some new necklaces. Yay!

We had made plans to spend the night at a couch surfer’s house. We connected on couchsurfers.org. As he answered his door and invited us into his house, I smiled big to myself and knew 1) he wasn’t a psychopath planning on murdering us, and 2) we would get along just fine. His wall was littered with scenic photos he took of Bryce Canyon and Moab Park. Inspirational and witty quotes were scribbled all over the walls in every room. It was a really pleasant experience. First time for him hosting, first time for us couch surfing. Good times.


2/12 Woke up at Adam’s house. I actually slept pretty well. We parted our ways and went to our last day of crystal shopping. We started at 22nd st where we had some selenite wands on hold at a moroccon vendors booth. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything else besides the wands, but I ended up getting about 50 little crystal/stone pendants, 4 pieces of himalayan salt shaped into an egg, a small treasure box (for displaying), a bunch of hunks of blue selenite (my favorite crystal of all time), and probably more than I’m forgetting. We then made our way over to a new show, Electric Park. It had different variety of vendors than other shows, a lot of native american booths. I got some angelite hearts and a pendant with a slice of ayahuasca vine on it. Then a couple of tapestries. After that, I was DONE DONE DONE shopping. Both of us were, and we high tailed it out of Tucson into Phoenix.


2/13/13 Woke up in Phoenix at a friend’s house from GaiaYoga I hadn’t seen for over two years. Around 11 left to drive north. We stopped at Montezuma Castle finally- I’ve driven by a few times, and one time even went to the visitor center but didn’t want to pay the $5 entry fee (haha). I’m so glad we stopped. Looking up to the rock dwellings, I felt transported back in time. I saw it’s inhabitants, going about their days and routines under the towering cliffs. Closing my eyes momentarily, I felt a strange shift inside, and I felt like I was a woman, in her late 40’s maybe, who had lived there. A spiritual woman, healer. My face actually felt like it shape shifted! Haha. I enjoyed this feeling and walked around the rest of the trail with the feeling. I left Montezuma’s Castle feeling very peaceful. We missed the exit to Sedona (again, just like last year!), where we had planned to stop and take a hike to one of the ‘power spots’. We wanted to bring some of the crystals we had just bought to “charge” them up with energy, ya know? 😉 We got to Flagstaff and realizing our error would cost us about an extra 45 minute driving time, decided to change the plan. We pulled into a circle K to gas up before continuing north. On a whim, I decided to buy two lottery scratcher tickets along with my decaf coffee. One of them was a $100 winner! We went and cashed in, then bought several more tickets, and won $100 more dollars. Hell yeah.

This brought us into a great mood. I had just been listening to a law of attraction hypnosis thingy right as we pulled into the gas station, I wanted to manifest some energy in money form. Guess it worked? We continued our drive, I was really jiving with the scenery, the desert, there is something very alluring about it. We passed lots of interesting looking rock formations and sand piles. As we passed one cool looking sand pile spot, Mike said “hey, that’s the place you took that colorful shit that one time!”. Indeed I had. It was memorable because it was three colors: bright red, dark green, and a brilliant purple. I don’t normally take so much attention to shit, but this was like a work of art, so I borrowed Mike’s phone to take a photo of it. He was less than pleased and refused to look at it. I deleted it. I wish now I had kept it 😉

The sunset glimmering off of the small amounts of snow left on the red cliffs was beautiful. Now, we are holed in a room in Lake Powell AZ. Glad we got it because I’ve been able to get some homework/studying accomplished. Well, when I’m not distracted from Mike watching shows about people addicted to inflatable pool toys, cat licking, and black market butt injections. 🙂


One thought on “TRAVEL LOG informal

  1. Juli says:

    Wow meg! Lots of positive thoughts for the universe to hear! I truly believe it listens. Your trip sounds wonderful too bad we didn’t coordinate we could’ve met up! Well just wanted to leave a quick comment and say thanks for sharing I love reading your blog!

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