Hello Travelers

Hello travelers, look across the scene

Can you see the light?

It’s the coming dawn, it’s the future, it’s what’s to come.

Do you hear the ocean call your name?

Can you feel the rivers running through your veins?

It’ a beautiful place a magical place

It’s too bad we can’t stay

We all have fears

Let them go

We have fears- let them go.

And let the light in

Let the light in

Don’t make it seem

Like this is the ending

Life it’s a beautiful dream

Don’t make it seem

That this is the ending- death is a beautiful thing.




Watching the movement of your lips

Speaking words such as mystical, and alchemist

Wanting the essence of you to seep through my skin

To saturate my veins, my heart beating hard

My ghost’s been waiting for you

Down in the valley, where the fiddlers congregate

Pining for your attention

Admist the nighttime serenade

Oh, I long for your lust

I long for your touch

My ghost’s been waiting for you

In the redwood grove, words were exchanged

Talk of things to come, thoughts of what’s been made

The constellations as the witnesses

They saw all our kisses

They saw all the kisses


Universe at your Fingertrips

Just a simple person

I’ve got my trials,

I’ve got my ghosts

That follow me around

And I’ve been searching

For the beauty living in each moment

The ocean carries me far far away

Rolling waves are whispering

Sweet nothings to me

Then I hear them say

You’ve got the universe at your fingertips

Breathe in, breathe it in

You’ve got the universe at your fingertips,

Breathe in

Over the ground

Feel the earth beneath my feet

They’re pounding down

Oh and the sun shines on my skin

The winds at my back this time

Oh, lucky me

I’ve got a feeling

This is where I’m meant to be

You’ve got the universe at your fingertips

Breathe in

Time, is on your side

Time is on your side.

The tide is rising now

The birds are calling out

They’re singing to you

You’ve got the universe at your fingertips

Breathe in, breathe it in

You’ve got the universe at your fingertips…breathe in.



The wind blows my mind away

Through the trees, through the clouds

Up up, far away

The atmosphere hums to me

She’s singing me to sleep, to sleep

The storm wrapped it’s arms around the island town

Floods out the streets, all the ground

Encapsulates our thoughts in the grey

Where they remain, where they’ll remain

I’ve been waiting for sunlight

I’ve been praying for sunlight

I’ve been calling to the light

Ocean currents pull me

To the dark of the sea

Through the black caves, all those crevaces where the creatures wait

I’m their prey- but I am not afraid.

At least that’s what I’ll say- I’m not afraid.



Flowers bloom beneath my window sill

A crescent moon hangs so still

Just below the star I’ve named after you

The candlelight is flickering

Just above the bed I’m in

Where hands explore new crevaces

And bodies exchange new messages

You know it’s impossible to forget you.

But- the best way to get over you,

Is to get beneath someone else.

(very old song I never finished.)


Ecstatic Dancing

My body-open yourself-to the moment

Get along with the movement

Let the sounds surge through your insides

Tangling and wrapping around your light

Dance along, swing your hips, throw back your head

Primal yells would be good for you

Stomp your feet

Let your hands flow through the air

Your fingers caressing the ether

Dance with the sinners

Be the sin

You are all the same.

You are one of them.


(written after we took a tour group to an ecstatic dance, they all were weirded out and thought people were possessed with the devil LOL)